Transformative Thursday’s: What’s Stopping You?


Recently, I visited Walt Disney World and was reminded of the criticism Walt faced. In the 1960’s, theme parks and amusement parks didn’t exist.  But Walt had an idea.  He could create a theme park with make believe characters, rides, and an atmosphere of fun.  He successfully created a “magical” place that continues to bring enjoyment to thousands of people every day.

Walt Disney faced unthinkable odds, rejection and fear of the unknown.  But he kept trying until he found those who believed in his dream and supported it.  He could have stopped when he had the idea and friends tried to persuade him differently.  He could have quit when the money wasn’t there.  But he refused to allow his idea to remain only an idea.  He took leaps of faith and eventually created what has become an entertainment empire.  His legacy is one that continues to stand.

My dad always believed everyone has a million dollar idea.  What is your million dollar idea?  What have you done with it?  What scared you about taking the first step?

If you never take the first step, you will never see the dream.  The first step is often the most difficult but also the most rewarding because it brings you that much closer to seeing the idea become a reality. Many people live and die with regret because they never take the first step.  Don’t allow fear to hold you back and keep you stuck.  You have a million dollar idea to work on.

~Coletta Jones Patterson

*Coletta is an author, life/business coach, speaker and entrepreneur who is passionate about seeing others go beyond stuck. Her latest book, “Beyond Stuck: Creating the Life You Want” is available on Amazon.

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