Speak Saturdays: Oh, Are You Talking About the TV Again

One will think about the title this post that I will be talking about my TV situation again. Don’t worry I won’t be but I will give you a few shows and movies I have discovered this summer.

I currently work two jobs so I don’t have alot of downtime to be a couch potato. But this summer heat has made everyone stay in the house when it’s not necessary to go out. With that being said, I have taken a couple suggestions on some movies and television shows I should watch. I still haven’t finished The Handmaid’s Tale but let me tell you, Hulu does an amazing job with this series. Every episode will leave you with your mouth hanging wide open.

Netflix, as usual, doesn’t disappoint. Here are a couple of titles I have watched that I have enjoyed.

  • Family Reunion
  • Always be My Maybe
  • Someone Great
  • Secret Obssession
  • Message from the King

What shows or movies are binge watching worthy? Hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday!

Happy Saturday!


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