What’s Happening Wednesday: Revelations

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is testifying before Congress today. Cable news stations have lined up several series of experts and pundits to provide commentary. Some poor reporter will recount how many times Mr. Mueller takes a sip of his water. Another will report on what he’s wearing. I don’t care about any of that, nor do most Americans. In fact, I would guess that most of us don’t care what he has to say at all. If we did, we would have read the original report. The special counsel has already said everything he intends to say. I half-way expect him to refer to his report by page and line number. I doubt there will be any revelations today at least on Capitol Hill.

However, the God of the universe is revealing himself every day, and we miss it. Far too many of us are captivated by what’s going on in Washington, DC or in the drama that unfolds on any one of our forms of mass media to recognize the glory that manifests itself daily in our lives.

Brand new mercies every morning, that’s a revelation.
A smile on the lips of a loved one, that’s a revelation.
The song of a robin, that, too, is a revelation.

The heavens declare the His glory.

This morning, as the world awaits the testimony of a man who put what he has to say in writing, I urge you to consider the the work of another man, whose testimony was so vast, it could not be contained in all the books of the world. My prayer for you today is that you receive the revelation you seek.

Mama Radford

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