TurnUP Tuesdays w/Stassi: The Best Things About Summer part 1

Alright y’all. Time to jump into what I had planned for the summer….THE BEST THINGS ABOUT SUMMER!!!

Look, I know y’all hot out there, but I ain’t ready to hear y’all complaining about the winter cold 🥶 air and getting too much snow and such. Soooo for the next couple of weeks imma #turnup about my favorites parts of this SUMMER!!

This week/month/year my sweet tooth has been on 💯 which has led to a complete fail in my attempt to make the right food choices for my health 🤦🏾‍♀️. There’s been a bit too many cakes, cookies, brownies, candy and such…BUT you know the BEST part of summer?!??? 🤔…..


Yes, there’s nothing like some good ‘ole sweet goodness full of healthy stuff! I mean (*cues the Barney song)

🎶 I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas. 🎶

I buy them most weeks, but the excitement of orchard visiting, berry picking summer afternoons elevates my tastebuds to new levels…I guess I can say that I get to #levelup my fruit game in the summer 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤔😬🥴

Here’s a little “taste” of what I’ve been enjoying this summer:

Mom’s blueberry bushes in the backyard are the star of the summer! These sweet & juicy berries made me fall in love with blueberries. I’ve always like blueberry flavored muffin and such, but I didn’t really care for eating blueberries. That is until I got some fresh from the bush! 😋 Yummy! Plus there’s been a few birds and chipmunks that have fallen victim to the net covering the bushes…so if God creation, whom He takes care of their needs daily, will risk their lives for these berries, then certainly they MUST be something special!

Next up is our best friend…watermelon. I remember riding to Tifton, GA with my bestie one day while we were in college (lots of years ago lol). We ended up on her grandfather’s watermelon farm. I had NEVER seen so many watermelons before in my life! I haven’t been much of a fan of watermelon. I don’t like food with inedible pieces – bones, seeds – and those seedless watermelons just aren’t the same. However, this summer at mom’s house I was fortunate to have a bonus dad who would select some sugary sweet melons and cut those things up with minimum seeds left. I have NEVER ate so much watermelon in my life. I have no regrets.

My bonus dad took a break from the mighty watermelon so that the spotlight of summer sweetness could be shared with a cousin…cantaloupe. And I ate them too. As often as I could. It was all cut up and waiting for me ice cold in the frig! Yummy!

Most recently I’ve stumbled upon this weird looking thing – Rambutan. You have to cut the skin off to get the white fruit from inside, but don’t eat the pot in the middle. The spikes don’t stick you or anything, but this fruit from Guatemala just looks different from our fruit. It tasted ok to me and I can’t wait to try cutting it up in one of my fresh fruit salads.

Perhaps, one of my favs though comes around in the spring and makes an appearance before most of the blueberries are ready. My good ‘ole pal – The Strawberry 🍓. Last summer bae and I drove up to the GA mountains to pick fresh strawberries, but we missed our window of opportunity this year. HOWEVER, I’m in Louisiana now and wouldn’t you know it…THERE ARE STRAWBERRY FARMS here!! I got some of the sweetest, most delicious strawberries that I’ve ever tasted (outside of picking them ourselves last spring) from our local farmers market. Umm umm Goodlicious!!!

Do you have a favorite summertime fruit?!?

Join me and #turnUP with a big bowl of sweetness!

Starfruit Stassi

One thought on “TurnUP Tuesdays w/Stassi: The Best Things About Summer part 1

  1. Yes to all of this! Pretty sure I’m hitting at least one Farmers Market on Saturday 😊. I do need to find a new fresh egg provider now that I am back in the city. I have a feeling my fruit is gonna get sourced out of Pine Bluff. Oh and I need some Louisiana strawberries 🍓.


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