Transformative Thursdays: The Most Valuable Resource


Recently, I found myself at an event surrounded by other people. And as the discussions and bantering continued, I thought, “This is the biggest waste of my time.” I had very little connection with anyone and was thinking of a million other things I could be doing. Sometimes, it is necessary to interact with those who we feel little connection to but other times, it is completely voluntary and optional. I decided that day, I was not going to be a part of that scene because it was not in my best interest of moving forward with my goals.

You will have plenty of opportunities to join this group or join a new cause or attend this event or help with this crisis, but every call or invitation is not necessary and does not require your participation. Choose wisely because you only have 24 hours each day to live your purpose. Those 24 hours can never be given back. Time is your most valuable resource. How are you using yours?

~Coletta Jones Patterson

*Coletta is an author, business executive, life/business coach and speaker who is passionate about helping others go beyond stuck. Her latest book, “Beyond Stuck: Creating the Life You Want” is available on

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