Speak Saturdays: I Got Hit With a Coconut

In the middle of my writer’s block, God sent a testimony for me to share.  In January, I started a new job and was super excited about it but the excitement diminished quickly when my job didn’t look like what I thought it would.  I’ve kind of been in a funk about but I press on and come to work every day. 

On Tuesday, I received a message from one of my old workers asking if they could use me as a reference.  Of course, I am happy to oblige because she is an awesome employee but then I wondered why she needs me in this regard. The company I use to work for is doing some major organization re-structuring which impacted over half of my team I use to lead.  Hearing this news really sadden me and also convicted me as well.  God sent a major coconut to remind me that while I might not fully understand why things happen; his infinite wisdom will always protects.  It was a great reminder that my steps are ordered and I am exactly where I need to be.  Even when I have questions as to why God is doing certain thing.

A company re-structure is never an easy thing to go through.  My prayer is that everyone lands on their feet and lack for nothing during this major change.  My prayer for myself to continue to trust God and make the best of the current place I am in.

Happy Saturday!


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