What’s Happening Wednesday: Missing

Have you ever lost something important to you? I’m not talking about losing your glasses or your cell phone. (I lose both of those things everyday.) I’m thinking about something of sentimental value, like your favorite pair of earrings, or a family heirloom.

A few months back, I lost my Bible. It’s not like it was my only Bible. I probably have a Bible in every room of the house. But this particular Bible was my Sunday go-to meeting Bible. I carried it in a nylon case that had a zipper compartment and several pockets. It had a special place for pens. That Bible has been highlighted and written in. There was a page missing in the book of Romans. I was familiar with that book.
After a few weeks, I gave up the search. I broke down and bought a replacement.

What do you do when the thing that’s missing is irreplaceable? What if it’s one of a kind? My friend has been looking for her brother since Friday. I have shared her posts. The news featured his picture. They canvassed the area where his phone was found. There have been very few leads. My heart breaks every time I see his picture on my timeline, knowing that he has yet to be found.

I cannot imagine the anguish. I cannot fathom the fear.

Today, please join me in prayer for all of those who are searching for a loved one. Pray for peace in their hearts and strength in this most difficult time.

My brand new Bible says “Seek and ye shall find.” And I truly do hope it applies here.

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