What’s Happening Wednesday: Debate Prep

I know some of you are excited about the Democratic Party primary debates. I’ve seen different versions of drinking games and debate bingo cards circulating around the internet. I’m worried that some of you are going to have to call in to work for a couple of days as you’ll be in a drunken stupor if you take a shot every time a certain candidate says “love” or anytime anyone says the President’s name.

I am also worried that instead of high-minded debate and actual philosophical discussion, tonight and tomorrow will be about scoring the best sound bite. These debates should be about who has the best ideas, not who takes the best shots at the current administration, or worse, who takes the best shots at the other folks on the stage.

As with any political debate, I’m sure the candidates have been prepping for weeks. They’ve rehearsed their rebuttals and crafted their counter-arguments into one or two lines designed to score points on Twitter, and while I’m sure that will prove to be entertaining, I’m not at all sure it will move the political discourse along.

These debates are too important to be boiled down to hashtags, but I fear that’s what will be the final takeaways from these debates. So here is how I’m deciding to prepare for this extremely long election cycle:

1)Praying. Our nation is facing several crises at once. I don’t know which issue ought to be the focus, so i’m asking for guidance, wisdom and discernment.

2)Praying. I probably won’t even watch the debates until this weekend. We have Vacation Bible School tonight and tomorrow. So I’ll be meditating on Psalm 24:1 and hoping I do not fall out during another round of “Father Abraham.

3) Praying. I saw that picture of a man and his daughter floating face down in the Rio Grande and the photos of the shelters. I’m reading about trade wars and conflicts with Iran. I’m hearing about the student loan crisis, and budget deficits. My mind can barely comprehend all that is happening in the world. But I am grateful, and hopeful that people who are smarter than me are working on solutions. I am grateful for peace in times of confusion. And I am grateful for blessed assurances that it will all work out.

So tonight, I hope the candidates are as prepared for the debates as I am. Get your good snacks and your beverages of choice. It’s going to be an interesting couple of days.

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