Therapeutic Tuesday: To Be Continued

Well, here we are at 2 of my favorite weeks of the entire year. CIY MOVE in beautiful Durango, Colorado. When I say it’s gorgeous, pictures don’t even do it justice. I’m even more in awe this year because there are no forest fires to smoke up the place, nor is there extreme heat to make it unbearable. The temps will not be higher than 85 for both weeks! It’s amazing!

The theme for this week is “To Be Continued…”. Those words…the implications. I know we should be packing for our move to Texas, but we needed to be here. I’m trying to figure out how I fit into the grand scheme of our move. I know what my wife will be doing. I know what my job will be, but where I exactly fit…that is the question. It was cool to know that story is still being written out. It’s unfinished in my eyes, but concrete in His.

So in this week, I am hoping that God speaks to my heart to show me what is being continued. And where I fit.

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