Speak Saturdays: Girl’s Night Out

If you personally know me, you know I like to channel my creative outlet by painting. I haven’t been able to paint in a while due to my work schedule.

On Friday, my coworker invited me to her company, 2Locas Brand, new brand launch. We had an opportunity to paint Frida. It was an awesome event. It was refreshing to see local businesses support one another.

I love a good girl’s night out. It’s nice when women from different backgrounds can come together and have a good time. Those moments are good for soul and allows you to meet new people socially.

When was the last time you had a girl’s night out? How do you define your girl’s night out? What activities do you plan? Hopefully you are planning your next girl’s night out soon?

Check out this awesome shirt I got on Friday. If interested, check out https://etsy.me/2MkIrfl

Happy Saturday!


3 thoughts on “Speak Saturdays: Girl’s Night Out

  1. Yay!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽 My favorite thing to do on a girls night out, is drink a little , play games, laugh, listen to music with my girls and just enjoy everyone’s company! We are so stuck on our phones the majority of the time that just signing off of them and enjoying conversations is so needed!

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