What’s Happening Wednesday: Comfort or Confinement

Last night, a storm blew through town, wreaking havoc in nearby towns.  There were several injuries, but no reported fatalities, thank goodness.

Anyway, the tornado sirens started wailing, just as I was starting to cook dinner.  I immediately turned off the stove and corralled my tribe into the basement.  My husband was out and about, so that meant it was my job to get everybody to safety, and convince them all that everything would be okay.

Two things to note here:  First, my basement is not dark and scary.  It is not cramped, as some storm shelters might be.  The basement is finished, well-lit, and actually pretty big.  Secondly, my kids hang out downstairs every single day,  the family computer, their video games, and most of their toys are housed in this space. It is not unusual for them to spend hours in the basement.

Anyway, we watched on both my computer and my phone, as an incredibly slow moving storm marched its way toward us.  The weather people were yelling and talking over each other.  The storm was large and showed no signs of weakening.  They were saying it was a mile wide and to take cover immediately.  The kids, who normally enjoy their time downstairs were restless and anxious, and counting the minutes.  A place that was normally their comfort zone started to feel like confinement.

Has that ever happened to you? It could be a job that once was an answer to a prayer, that you are now praying to be delivered from.  It could be a relationship that once provided an escape from your troubles, now becoming the source of all your trouble.

If you have gotten so comfortable in any position that it is difficult move out of that position, that’s a sure sign that it is time to make adjustments.  We are not called to sit still.  The Great Commission calls us to Go.  On your marks, get set…

Mama Radford

2 thoughts on “What’s Happening Wednesday: Comfort or Confinement

  1. Thank you for this. I needed the word of encouragement. I didn’t know what was wrong but it is confinement. Time to make a move! On my mark, get ready, get set, gone!!!


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