Funkadelic Friday: Uncomfortable Conversations are . . . UNCOMFORTABLE!

I find myself longing for the physical presence of my parents more and more lately.  As my son grows into manhood, there are questions and conversations we have that are REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE for me.  HOWEVER, I am the parent.   I must do my best to steer him in the right direction or at least give him a solid foundation on which to build his views and perspectives.   Right?

My father and I could talk about anything.  There were questions that I felt comfortable discussing with my father rather than my mother.  We just clicked and “he got me.”  I was not dainty or “fru fru” like most young ladies but I did try to interact with my mother . . . sometimes.  One thing I promised myself was that I would talk with my child about anything.  Now that I am here, I would prefer talking to him about some things and not everything.  Not how parenting works, I know.  Some conversations are like sitting in an easy chair being lulled to sleep.  Other conversations are like sitting in a chair filled with tacks.  Well, guess where the booty was in the last conversation?

Being a parent . . . never a dull moment.


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