Transformative Thursdays: Overcoming Insecurities

be confident

He sat in the office meeting thinking, “Here we go again…” Just last week they tore my presentation a part and now they are telling me I’m not good enough. Just once, he thought, “I’d love to be able to speak up and show how I feel on the inside.” Instead, he sat there and listened to their degrading remarks. With each remark, the confidence he once had, was diminishing until all he could do was grow accustomed to being tolerated and not celebrated. Week after week, he became familiar with living a sub-par life—one with no fulfillment and very few rewards—one where he continued to buy the lie that he was nothing.

Can you identify with this man? Do you know someone who has been affected by the sting of rejection? The feeling of ‘not being enough’ somehow seems to catch each of us at some point. However, when you turn that recorder off and begin to believe ‘you are enough’, the game changes. You can now participate in life and call your shots. You can stand up for yourself and set healthy boundaries. Now, you are in control.

If you want to create the life you want and experience the kind of success that is fulfilling:
Know your value and worth.
Know who created you and what you are created for.
Know your strengths and weaknesses.
Know what environment is conducive to moving forward.
Surround yourself with cheerleaders.
Go where you are celebrated.
Go conquer the world.

~Coletta Jones Patterson

*Coletta is an author, business executive, life/business coach and speaker who is passionate about helping others go beyond stuck. Her latest book, “Beyond Stuck: Creating the Life You Want” is available on

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