Therapeutic Tuesday: Realization

We’re moving to Texas. WE’RE moving to Texas. We’re MOVING to Texas. We’re moving to TEXAS.

Nope. No matter how may different ways that I say it, it still feels weird. I remember when we moved to SW Missouri, my wife told me that she would give it a year to work. One year has turned into almost 14, and leaving feels even more bittersweet than it felt to leave Mississippi all of those years ago, because HERE is where we built our home, figuratively speaking. It is where we began to become. It is where we struggled and scraped. In other ways we flourished.

What began as simple discomfort slowly matured into a God-given direction, almost an edict. A question.

Do you trust me?

Sigh. In the beginning it was easy to give a firm yes. We hadn’t realized it yet, but we had began to sink into the doldrums of repetition. We had become so comfortable that our days could run easily on autopilot. And while there are many others factors that play into this move, the biggest part of it seems to be simply that God has bigger plans for our family. We might be moving under the guise of my wife attending Chiropractic School, but the plans and purposes of God will overtake every possibility that we have considered thus far.

So…we are moving to Texas.

We are moving to Texas.


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