Speak Saturdays: Break Up With Perfection

By looks of the title, you would think I am saying it is okay to be piss poor. Honestly, that’s the furthest thing from the truth. This title is an encouraging statement that reminds you to allow yourself some grace. Often times people are critical of our performance in all areas of our lives. People are quick to point out all the negatives and very seldom tell you any positives. These conversations integrate themselves into our soul and causes us to over think and become super critical of ourselves. This is the moment you have to break up with the perfection and strive for excellence. You have to affirm the good you are doing and make a mental note of how to improve. Don’t allow someone’s else energy to become your own. Especially when you know you are doing your absolute best. I’m truly learning perfect doesn’t exist and I am okay with that.

Happy Saturday!!


One thought on “Speak Saturdays: Break Up With Perfection

  1. The comment I left on Clinnesha’s “Don’t Worry” post speaks a little bit to this on how God equips us with instructions to help us deal with discontentment. Keeping a couple of “keep it real” sistas in your circle of friends to remind you of how amazing you are just as you are is also helpful. We are all beautifully and wondrously made to do exactly what the Lord placed us here to do. We have the privilege and opportunity to live our lives chasing after that with the Holy Spirit as our guide. If that doesn’t make you wanna shout and run… 😁🙌🏾😆🏃🏿‍♀️

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