When I was younger, I used to watch my Father work.  He was an educator who was a self taught typist.  I still have the typewriter on which he typed of lesson plans, counseling notes, and sermons.  No size piece of paper was safe.  If it could fit into the typewriter, it was utilized.  Simple, right?  WRONG!

One of my siblings decided to purchase a desk computer.  My father was surprised and extremely gracious in receiving the computer.  He even tried it out a few times.   Dad loved the CD feature.  This allowed him to listen to his music and books on CD . . . while typing on his typewriter.  I thought, it can do both at the same time.  Why won’t he use it the RIGHT WAY?  I had a lot of nerve to make that judgement call.

After settling in after work one afternoon, I discovered my Father plucking away on his typewriter and listening to his CD.  Having had enough of this, I decided to enlighten my Dad that the computer was capable of multitasking.  My Dad, listening attentively, looked at me and smiled.  Eventually he stopped typing and in a soft voice expressed the following”

“I have been working in education for many, many years.  I have been a licensed Minister and Pastor for many, many years.  I have seen all types of office equipment come and go.  Outside of this home, I am compelled to utilize those things provided in my work environment.  HOWEVER, in my home I will use what I choose.”

Daddy looked at the computer and continued.

“That computer is a fine gift but it has too many features for me.  I am in the winter of my life and unless you are giving me something to may those winter days warm, comfy and easy, I will use what is given me as I see fit.  I listen to the music it provides and that it sufficient for me.”  WELL.  I GUESS HE TOLD ME.

Walking away dejected and embarrassed, I still felt that he was using that wonderful tool ineffectively.  Fast forward to today.  Dad had no problem deciding HOW he would use HIS computer.  My issue is my cell phone.  I just want to make calls and take a few pictures.  Every now and then, send a text or two.  If  I’m feeling REAL ADVENTUROUS, I will go on FACEBOOK and check in at restaurants.  When I have to do anything more than that I tend to get frustrated.  My son worries when I do because he thinks I will give up and go back to a land line.  I try to reassure him that I won’t give up but . . . some days that land line is not a bad idea.

Have a GREAT weekend.


2 thoughts on “FUNKADELIC FRIDAY: I Am There Now.

  1. I remember when the computer appeared at the house and the incident with the internet and how short lived that was. It was hard for me to understand as a young child why my grandparents didn’t jump on the opportunity to use things like email to take to us more. Now that I am a little older and wiser I get that we have to respect where people are in their lives. Convenience on my part cannot trump consideration of those who matter most to me. It’s what motivates me now to get in the car and drive 8-10 hours when I can to be with my loved ones. It’s what makes me tighten my belt and hit pay on that plane ticket knowing that it means I may have to go without something I really want in order to maintain my friendship and family ties. Is it always fun? Nope. There are times I cried out of frustration and exhaustion in the car because it’s hard being the one on the road sometimes. There are times I’d rather stay in my comfy bed and relax or enjoy a local festival where I live. But in the end I do it because I love my peeps. I continue to pray that in time they too will see the wisdom in occasionally making the sacrifice of convenience in favor of protecting those connections to friends and family. Hopefully my example will help them in the way my grandfather helped me to understand how important it is to make time for people you love. Call, text, write letters, visit people, send flowers, do whatever you have to do to protect those relationships because we need people, it’s how we are designed. If you don’t put in the work, you can’t really say anything when people don’t want anything to do with you down the line.


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