Speak Saturdays: Whew I’m Still Tired

Last week, I spoke about my tribe and how everyone has been there for my family during our unexpected time of bereavement. Last weekend, I was able to have some downtime from life and visit the great city of New Orleans, LA. This trip had been planned for months but it’s timing was perfect. Especially since life happened.

When I tell you, I am still tired after being home a whole week. But I welcome this tiredness because I had an awesome time with friends and my sorority sisters.

I encourage anyone who travels to visit the places where the locals dwell. You find such hidden gems in the city when you go off the path. Now, don’t get me wrong there are some tourist places that is a must to visit. Like Cafe Du Monde.

The Easter snap made the weather quite enjoyable especially when you decide to walk the French Quarters and enjoy Bourbon Street to the fullest. I am still tired because I enjoyed good food. Walked for hours. Attended meetings and workshops.

Now, I am trying to get back into my daily routine and wait for my massage therapist to get back in town.

Happy Saturday!


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