As I sit watching a presentation on PBS about the TRUTH ABOUT RECONSTRUCTION . . . my heart grieves.  The power of the “White Mob” still exists.  Because of WHO WRITES the school history textbooks, the TRUTH of what happened to Black People ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY WILL NEVER BE TAUGHT OR LEARNED BY THE UP COMING GENERATIONS.

Places like Sapalo Island, Edisto Island, White Bluff, Sandfly, Hilton Head, Dafuski, Pinpoint, and other Islands that were inhabited by Blacks are now completely Caucasian.  Many generations don’t even know how their parents obtained that land.  Think about this. . . Gullah Geechees are having to justify their history and connections to the Islands.

People relish in the history of these places to the point of romanticism.  Historic gains were made by ‘Negros’ of that time but their homes were and still are being taken away to provide vacation getaways for everybody except THEIR descendants.

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