Speak Saturdays: My Little Community

We understand that life happens but sometimes we forget that we are not necessarily prepared for when life truly happens. The ending of March and beginning of April delivered news that our family was not expecting. 

On Sunday, March 31st, I received a phone call from my mom while I was at work.  Now my co-worker probably thought I was crazy but before I called back I stated “They are about to tell me something I don’t want to hear.”  Oh how I wished I was wrong.  My brother informed me that my stepfather had a heart attack on his way back from Washington, DC.  My stepfather went to see his mom who had been sick for a while and the family wanted to say their final goodbyes.  While we were sad to hear of passing, I took comfort in knowing she was resting with Jesus and no longer in pain.

My stepfather had his share of health issues as well.  He wasn’t feeling the best during the trip to see his mom but was adamant two things: a) seeing his mom and b) going to see a doctor at once he gets back home.  Back to the call.  I honestly didn’t know what I needed to do when my brother told me the news.  I am six hours away from home and my stepfather had the heart attack on a layover flight in Florida.  In my head, I was trying to figure out how to get home and get my mom to Florida to see her husband.  But there were a few barriers in my way.  Not enough vacation time, a car that has over 200,000 miles on, and bills were coming out of my account at the end of the month.  Jesus has an uncanny way of making you be still so you can make a decision that’s not tied to your emotions.

On Thursday, April 4th, my stepfather passed away.  We were hoping for a different outcome but God had a different plan.  I am so thankful for having a strong community.  People who prayed, offered support, and didn’t allow me to be in my own head space.  I am also thankful for my mom’s community as well.  I took great comfort in knowing she had people she could call on while I wasn’t at home.  One her friends was talked to me while we were at her mother-in-law’s funeral.  She asked was I home until we have Dana’s funeral.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t because I had to be at work.  Her words to me were “we got her”.  Hearing those three words gave me so much peace.

Death is a part of life.  We all have an appointed time.  Knowing is a half the battle but knowing doesn’t make it any easier.  One thing that does make it easier is your community.  It are the people who you call family and friends that help ease the pain.  I am so thankful for having a strong community base.  I am so thankful people take time out of their schedule to check on me.  I am so thankful for those who have the insight to know when they are needed.  And I hope in return I am the same for them.

Happy Saturday!


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