Speak Saturdays: Dear Younger Me

This week’s “Dear Younger Me” features Kiah Brewer. Kiah is a native of North Little Rock, AR and a graduate of University of Arkansas. Kiah is currently employed by Walmart Inc. Kiah passion lies in growing her business, Fresh Brewed Faith. You can find great items to purchase and an awesome blog to read at https://fresh-brewed-faith.myshopify.com/

Thank you Brew for lending your voice to this week’s blog. I hope everyone enjoys reading Kiah’s letter to her younger self.

Happy Saturday!

Dear 21-year-old Brew,

11/11/11 is your big day, a day you have been waiting for, most of your teenage years. Know that turning 21 did not mean that you were grown. Still being in college you still have a lot more time there and that is fine. In college, you should have asked for a little more help. You should have networked more. Being an introvert around big groups of people is fine, but still, make connections. Know that you have an amazing support system with family and friends so use your voice and let others in.  

You were brought up in the church, but when you got to college you let your relationship slip. This would be one of the years you would need God the most. Many transitions are beginning to happen so just know that God is with you always. Going back home and walking through Walmart you will finally meet your biological Father. After that encounter, you did your best to establish a bond and it never happened. Just know he dies a few years later and his family now wants to include you on things. It is okay to pay your respects, but the relationship you have with them will be on your terms.

Speaking of relationships the one you are in now with the guy you called your Prince Charming that will end too. Be okay with leaving that relationship when you see it ending and not dragging it on for the rest of your early 20’s. God has a man that he is creating for you that will knock your socks off so just wait patiently on him. Also, you are a beautiful woman on the inside and out.  Love the body that God created uniquely for you. The nights that you didn’t eat because you wanted to be smaller would not be good for your health. You will get thicker through the years and love it just know to stay active and make healthier choices.

The biggest thing I wanted to let you know is to be patient. You want to live your life so fast. God has to do things in his timing, so go through this journey of life with an open mind and learn as much as you can along the way.  There will be another name transition from Brew to Miss Kiah which is the more mature woman that you are striving to be. You have grown so much over the years.


28-year-old Miss Kiah

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