Therapeutic Tuesday: Lessons from the Storm

I was heading out to pick Kaila up from dance and I noticed the thunder rolling across the sky. That made me look up at the sky to see how it was so beautifully covered by sailed of gray and white clouds for as far as my eyes could see. When I got into the van, I saw lightening off in the horizon, and by the time I had gotten to Walmart, the scent of rain ticked my nose. I remember saying to myself ,”Here comes the rain.”

No sooner had I said that than God stopped me with something that I would like to share. He told me to reprocess everything that I just experienced and noticed. What I saw, smelled, and heard. After a bit, He came back to me and I perceived Him saying this,

“Just like you looked around you and saw signs of the coming storm, just like you heard sounds that you associate with storm, and just like you could smell the rain, you were created to experience My moves in the same way. When your spiritual senses are as aligned as I created them to be, you will begin to know when I am doing great things around you. I don’t do small things. I only do great things, and if you pay attention, you will see them too. You’ll hear me speaking them. You’ll know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am moving. While I will hold some mysteries until we meet in face to face, much of what you desire to see done and to know is accessible to you. You just have to pay attention, and allow your spiritual senses to tune in to Me.”

I wasn’t going to type this out. I had talked myself out of it, actually. But before I laid down, I felt like somebody else needed to hear this. God IS moving for you. He’s moving you toward some things and away from others. He’s moving other things toward you. He’s answering your prayers. He’s performing miracles. He’s delivering. He’s redeeming years of loss. He’s moving love into your life. It’s time that we look for Him in every possible moment. For the season of life that we find ourselves in, we are learning to look. To listen.

I guess that is the difficult thing about a life of faith. We look at what we see and believe that it is real. We see the wind and the rain. We can feel the drops hit our skin. All of these things tell us that it is raining or storming, but the things of God should be just as clear to us. Hebrews is clear that the things we see originated from things that we can not see. That means that our senses have to be tuned into a different frequency. I’m learning.

Everyday it seems.

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