Transformative Thursdays: Still the Noise

still the noise

I just need five minutes!

That was the thought going through my brain at the end of a busy day filled with back-to-back meetings and events. My brain had been going for several hours nonstop and it needed a break—a moment to wind down.

Everything is vying for our attention—commercials, social media, our children, our spouse, work demands, physical needs, church projects, committee meetings, etc. Sometimes it is necessary to unwind by taking 5 minutes to decompress and do nothing. Sometimes that comes from saying “no” and other times it comes from taking a vacation. Sometimes it comes through reprioritizing.

Know that you are worth giving yourself five minutes or five days to decompress and slow your pace. See the value in keeping your sanity and peace.

Still the noise.

~Coletta Jones Patterson

*Coletta is an author, business executive, life/business coach and speaker who is passionate about helping others go beyond stuck. Her latest book, “Beyond Stuck: Creating the Life You Want” is available on Connect with Coletta at

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