Therapeutic Tuesday: 3R’s

Hola, mi gentes! Como estas?

I hope this posting finds all of you doing well. This week is my Spring Break from school, yet breaking is not what we have done or will be doing. We are on the cusp of something big happening in our lives, so a great deal of this week is going to be spent making some preparations for that next season. In all of this hustle and bustle, though, I am hoping to find some time for the 3-R’s.

Rest- I believe that when we are about the business of obeying God, he provides room within the busyness to still be resting. That rest and peace is born out of knowing that you are in the will of God, and knowing that God is covering every step that is made.

Relaxation- I plan on kicking my feet up a bit on a couple of these next days. We will try to find some time for fun, as the kids deserve it.

Recharge- Every teacher knows that post-Spring Break is the most hurried time of the year. The sprint toward the end of the school year begins in earnest, so every ounce of recouping lost energy, passion, and motivation is worth it. I am praying that God would recharge my motivation and my drive to push myself and my students toward a successful finality of this school year. Notice I didn’t say anything about standardized tests. They don’t accurately measure learning, so I don’t give them much credence.

I also have some pretty awesome guests lined up for my podcast. Interviewing them should take me out 3-4 more episodes, and I am really excited about that.

Oh..and my own schooling. There’s that too.

Anyway, you all have a great day and a wonderful week! I’ll see you next week!

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