parent cardHave you ever been somewhere and watched a big human attempting to function in a parental role and FAILED MISERIBLY?  Well, we have definitely seen that this week.  Parents paying off educational institutions to admit their child.  Now, truthfully speaking. . . this is nothing new.  We just hear about it when someone, (not as finessed at it than others) gets caught.

A “Parent”  defined by the Webster dictionary “is a person who is a father or mother : a person who has a child.”  Notice that it does not say a good parent or a bad parent.  Every child is different and has different needs but one thing that is suppose to remain constant for the parent is that THEY ARE THE ONES THAT ARE SUPPOSE TO TEACH THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG.  Even if the parent does not teach the difference, at some point and time everyone is exposed to someone who tells them and/or shows them the difference.  We must be careful how we judge people in these parental positions because we never know the decisions that we will have to make when presented with issues.  HOWEVER, how can we teach our children to respect us and others when we WILLINGLY compromise our integrity?

This “COLLEGEGATE” scandal is tragic and sad but unfortunately it is not the first time and it will not be the last.  If your child wants to go to college, assist them in doing the research for the most affordable route.  If your child wants to go to technical school, do the same.  Should your child decide that they do not want to go to college or technical school, hey that’s fine too.  It just gives them a quicker opportunity to DISCOVER THE WORKING WORLD.  Sitting doing nothing should NEVER be an option.  It’s too easy to get comfortable with doing nothing.

Parents.  Whether you believe or not, children are a gift from God.  Unfortunately, many folks don’t appreciate the precious gift and abuse it.  I love my son, nieces, nephews, godchildren and I will never intentionally mislead them.  All I can do is be the best example I can by modeling integrity, respect, an earnest work ethic, and the drive to BE BETTER day by day, not just to benefit myself, but those who I will come in contact with.

Think long and hard before you commit to parenthood.  You can SCAR children for life by behaving badly.


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