Speak Saturdays: Dear Younger Me

Today’s feature is provided by Amber Grady. At age 38, Amber Grady has confidently learned to embrace herself (flaws and all). She is intentional about sharing her story and helping others boldly walk in their purpose.

By profession, she is currently the Dean of Students at Williams Baptist University in Walnut Ridge, AR. She strives to help students and those she comes in contact with to overcome obstacles by discovering who they are and can be through Christ.

Amber tirelessly serves the ministries of her church and volunteers in her community. She is interested in ministering to the total man (mind, body, and soul). She especially loves women’s ministry and strives to empower women to live a life of V-I-C-T-O-R-Y.

Thanks you Amber for your contribution to today’s blog. I hope everyone enjoys reading it. Happy Saturday!

As I ponder this question, this comes to mind…What would I want my 21-year-old self to know:

Dear 21 Year Old Me,

As you navigate the challenges of the days and years ahead, keep these tips in mind:


Life is a Gift; Use it Wisely!

Right now, you are just enjoying the moment. But while working toward the goal of graduating college and caring for family, be sure to prioritize the true sense of the gift you possess. Value the small things more and do not take any of it for granted. Consider each phase as connecting to the next. Life is a Gift and strive to Spend Wisely!

Get out of Your Comfort Zone – Pursue Growth!

Discover the benefits of embracing the uncomfortable. Something I have learned is “God is not concerned about my comfort, but uses my discomforts to GROW ME!” So, 21-year-old embrace new experiences and enjoy the learning that occurs in taking leaps of faith and choosing the “stretching” opportunities. Speak in front of a crowd, study abroad, take a new job, meet new friends, learn a language, travel to a foreign country, – Dare to be different; You will learn something valuable about YOU!

Persevere Through Hardships!

At 21, you may struggle to see how you will overcome heartbreaks, hardships and brokenness. But stay the course and keep pursuing the goal. These are merely bumps along the way to becoming a STRONGER and BOLDER You!


Follow Your Dreams! You are Destined to Change the World!


Whatever life brings, be intentional about achieving EVERY dream. You are worth the sacrifice, hard work, dedication and wait. Don’t underestimate your value or overlook your potential. What is ahead of you requires persistence and focus. You are equipped to handle it! So, boldly and tendentiously follow the steps God has ordained for your life!


The best is yet to come! I challenge you to believe in you, never compare yourself to others, know that life is about more than men and money, follow your heart and always keep God first. You are a warrior walking in complete and total victory!


Becoming Your Best,


A Mature Me


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