Therapeutic Tuesday: Raise a Hallelujah

This song has a special significance to us right now. Not only are the lyrics powerful and truth, but they hit us right in the season of life that we presently inhabit, and as with any kind of truth, it is a little uncomfortable, but also very comforting.

There is a lyric in this song that says,

“I raise a hallelujah in the middle of the mystery.”

Mystery. Absence of knowing. Y’all, when I say that we are walking in mystery right now, know that I am not underestimating by any means. We have said YES to God in a huge matter and we are trying to faithfully walk along a path where we can’t see anything beyond the next few steps in front of us. But in the moments where we feel the weight of it all, the moments where we can feel the panic and fretfulness coming to overtake us…

In the silence. In the quiet. When we don’t hear what we need to hear. When it feels like God has shut his mouth or stopped up our ears. When we look ahead and don’t know how any of this will work…

We simply have to find the gumption and the bravery to raise a hallelujah. We have to find the faith to sing praises with expectancy.

So let this bless your hearts this evening.

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