Speak Saturdays: Dear Younger Me

Today’s feature is provided by Kristen D. Johnson. Kristen is a native of Pine Bluff and graduate of the University of Arkansas. Kristen is a lover of family, fashion and all things fabulous.

Hope you enjoy her letter! Happy Saturday.

Dear 21 Year Old Self,

You are the bomb! Don’t let anyone tell you or lead you to believe anything different. Take the time you need to get yourself together. School will be there, relationships will be there but if you don’t exercise some self-care, you will not.

Even though you don’t feel like you have accomplished much, you haven’t graduated yet, your plan for your own life hasn’t come to pass, you are right where you need to be. This journey isn’t for you. One day this statement will mean more to you than it does now. Your vision for a relationship with that one person didn’t happen how you thought it would, let it go. Your time, mind, body, spirit, feelings are more valuable than what he can give at this present time. God will send you exactly what you need, but in the meantime don’t settle.

Allow those, who are genuinely for you, to love you, impart their wisdom and give resources you wouldn’t otherwise have. Soften your heart, all is not bad in this world, but be cautious. Care and love hard, dream and work harder. Ask God for continued guidance and grace, protection from those things who mean you harm and that aren’t for your good. You will get there, don’t give up! Keep going, keep going, keep going! Its ok to cry but don’t stay there. Wipe those tears and use them for fuel to get you to the next phase of life.

You are loved! Be easy mama!


Peace and Love,

Your 26 Year Old Self

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