MWMG – Black Panther Makes History Again

I woke up this morning with my mind on a great many things. Not one of them was on what to write today. I thought about posting a picture of something motivational and moving on with my day. Then I hashtag searched #BlackPanther to see how things went last night and decided that I had something to celebrate this Monday morning.

While I am a little salty over Black Panther not getting best picture, I cannot be mad that Mahershala Ali’s movie is a winner. (Yes, I meant to say it just like that.)

In fact, as I looked through the list of winners I saw a lot of Marvel-adjacent wins that made me smile.

But back to Black Panther. It’s hard to believe the movie is actually a year old now. There was a lot going on in my life around the release of that movie the chief of which was the passing of my grandmother. In fact, the first of the six times I saw Black Panther in the theater was in Chicago on the evening we had her homegoing celebration. We needed that beautiful black moment right then and there.

And yes, you read that correctly. I did in fact pay money six separate times to see that movie in theaters across two or three different states and I can’t remember how many different cities.

Black Panther was a transformative moment in my life and it is fully deserving of all three of the Oscars it earned and more.

Black Panther Oscar Wins

Best Music Original Score – Ludwig Goransson

Best Production Design – Hannah Beachler and Jay Hart

Best Costume Design – Ruth Carter

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