Speak Saturdays: Dear Younger Me

Today’s feature is provided by Brenda Hunter, the mother of Neikeita who you see featured weekly. Brenda is a native of Clarksdale, MS. Wife to Dana. Mother to Jennifer, Neikeita, and Jason. Brenda decided to write to her 55 year old self, which was a pivotal year for her.

Hope you enjoy! Happy Saturday!

Dear 55 Year Old Brenda,

I am really proud of you! After being out of school for thirty-six years, you made the ultimate decision to go back to school to get your Bachelor’s degree. That was one of the greatest decisions of your life, and October 1, 2018 you received your degree. Not only did you receive your degree, you graduate with a 3.8 GPA (Magma Cum Laude). Your parents would have been really proud of you.

Now, you are enrolled in the Master’s program at Southern New Hampshire University. What a joy! It is really amazing how you are able to maintain all of this while taking care of a household full time, especially since your Spouse is on dialysis. Also, you are a terrific Mom to three wonderful children. Even in the spare time that you have you are helping former students with their art projects. My hat goes off to you!

I realize that sometimes you are face with some unexpected challenges on a day to day basis; however, you handle each one in a most profound manner.

In the upcoming year, you will have reached another milestone in your life. You will hopefully become an online Instructor for Southern New Hampshire University, teaching others about the importance of Communications. You can do it, as long as you keep Christ first in your life, remain calm, and stay the unique person that you are. Do not apologize for any mistakes that you are sometimes going to make, just remain humble.


The 56 Year Old Brenda

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