Therapeutic Tuesday: Reflections from a Content Producer


Like most, I suppose, I have always had dreams of fame. But what is the difference between someone who is famous and someone who is not?

Exposure. Being surrounded by people who are willing to share your content. Good or not. Social media is rife with people of little to no talent who have now become famous because people shared their content. Don’t get me wrong. I won’t decry anyone who can get money in a legal way. If people are willing to give you their attention and their time, evidently you’ve earned it! Conversely, when you are surrounded by people who won’t share, it makes exposure hard. I have been fortunate to interview people that I think are dynamic and who have amazing things to say on my podcast. They have given so many nuggets and jewels of wisdom that make me excited, things that I know can help someone out there…

But when content is not given exposure, that help never makes it.

I think I can officially call myself a podcaster now that I have (almost) 3 podcasts under my belt, and I just want to say this. No matter who in your network is doing something worthwhile. Having hundreds of people on a social media feed means nothing when no one shares, likes, comments, or rates anything. Whether you like what they are doing or them. Support local businesses. Support artists. Support writers. Support bloggers. Support podcasters. We do these things because we enjoy them, but we also need you to get our voices, art, business, etc out there and into the world.

And this is not for fame. Fame is overrated. Support is not, and voices also are not. Where people are using their voices for good and for encouragement, it’s time that we do our duty and promote the good things in the world.


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