Speak Saturdays: Dear 21 Year Old Me

One of my favorite Christian authors is posting letters to her younger self. She is offering up advice from the perspective of where she is now. I found this exercise intriguing and decided to write a letter to myself.

Dear 21 Year Old Neikeita,

You are finally legal and have a degree under your belt. Bust! While college is over, I wished you enjoyed college life a little bit more. You are the bomb. Don’t let anyone else tell you differently.

It time to start a new chapter in life. Time to leave home. But don’t let your dad force you to leave before you are ready to go. Take that year off before you start grad school. Trust me that rest will have you mentally prepared.

Be open to meeting new people. You are going to meet some amazing souls on this journey called life. Some will teach you hard lessons but it will be worth it in the end.

Don’t be reckless with your finances. Pay off the Capital One card. And don’t sign for another one. Credit card debt hinders you in the worst type of way.

Therapy is okay! It will help you find your voice. The only person who can advocate for Neikeita is Neikeita. Recognize when you have one sided friendships. Those are draining and add a level of self doubt to your life.

Be adventurous. Be flirtatious. Be bold. Be inquisitive. Be unique. Have a few reckless moments. Be unapologetically Neikeita.


The 35 Year Old Neikeita

Happy Saturday!!

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