What’s Happening Wednesday: Where is the Love?

Last week, we learned that love doesn’t look the same way to everyone. Some people need flowers and candy. Some need an encouraging word. We learned that love isn’t always big romantic gestures. Often times, the best picture of love is found in the mundane tasks of every day living.

Today I want to talk about the location of love. We often talk about the “heart”, but what does that mean? Are we talking about that life sustaining organ that keeps our blood flowing? Perhaps it works as a metaphor, but in reality, love doesn’t “live” there.

The real house of love is in our heads. There resides another life sustaining organ that governs both our emotions and our actions. The real “house” of love is in our brains.

Researchers suggest that feelings of love fire up synapses and release dopamine, the same chemical that is triggered by addictions. This release of chemicals can produce both euphoria and rage. Passion lives in our minds. Remember that next time you’re trying to spark up romance.

Since love lives in our minds, I posit that love is a decision, or more precisely, a series of decisions. We must decide to love.

It has always irked me when people say you can’t control who you love. That is a lie we tell ourselves and our friends when we want to excuse the behavior of the object of our affections. We absolutely can control who we love. It’s one of a very few things we have absolute control over. “Falling in Love” is passive, and often a result of our decisions, good or bad. We cannot excuse ourselves from the choices we make. And love is a choice.

Every single day, I choose to love. I choose how I express that love. So do you.

Choose wisely.

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