Therapeutic Tuesday: Random Thoughts

If we aren’t pushing others to become their best selves, what are we doing? Who are we challenging? Who are we inspiring? Who are we championing? Who are we motivating? Who are we encouraging? Like, seriously?

What are our relationships about? And by relationships, I mean friends, to marriage and everything in between. Aside from showing the love of God to people, should we not want them to be their best so that we can watch them achieve the dreams of their heart and those of God?

And I understand that sometimes we are afraid to go deep with people, and I’m also not saying that we should go deep with every single person in our environment, but in my heart, I believe that a basic tenet of friendship should be the desire that my presence in someone’s life makes them better. And that is usually the lens that I evaluate my presence in someone’s life through.

What do you think? Weigh in.

One thought on “Therapeutic Tuesday: Random Thoughts

  1. It’s interesting that you would pose these particular questions today. I feel that if we are committed to being in “friendships” with individuals that we’ve signaled that we are willing and able to go deep with them. Yet, in this season of my life I am realizing that for this philosophy to work in my life means I am going to have far fewer “friends”. Let me explain. I am done with one sided relationships where I am clearly investing more energy and time into the relationship than the other person. That is not my portion. That doesn’t mean that I will not serve in a capacity where I am helping people who don’t reciprocate. What it means is that I won’t “go deep” with those people. I have hit another touchpoint in my life where I am unfollowing and filtering out a lot of noise that has been clogging up my days. With every one of those actions I am witnessing the reclamation of my time and it is glorious.


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