Therapeutic Tuesday: I Wear My Blackness

I wear my blackness like a cloak,

It covers me and keeps me hidden;

I move between crowds and situations

With the slipperiness of an eel sliding

up from the depths of the seas into the upper crust

of Society.

I wear my blackness like a helmet.

It shields me from the haters while allowing me to

See deeper into every environment, even into the hearts

and desires of men.

I wear my blackness like a sword.

It’s sharp and cutting. Never blunt or dulled

By complacency. Never satisfied with shadow fights

and Imaginary foes- Yeah, my blackness also functions

as X-ray glasses, because sometimes I need sight beyond

sight- But my blackness slices and dices,

It swings skillfully between conflict and chivalry.

I might look harmless, but you really don’t wanna @ me.

I wear my blackness like a badge. My pride

and my passion and my art.

My creativity and my cunning, and my caring.

My nurturing and my naturally swagged out demeanor.

Yeah, you might not see it…

but I wear my blackness.

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