Speak Saturdays: Bold Faith

I received a text the other night. My friend’s son wanted to go and pray for one our church member and she needed me to help set it up. Of course, I had no problem being the go between for the seven year old’s request.

One of church members, who was very active, has fallen ill. She is battling cancer and let me tell you she is fighting it with everything she has in her. Her family is very private so I was shocked to hear that she had been in the hospital since Christmas Eve. That news really got to me.

The youth at our church were making cards for members who are on the sick and shut in list (that’s old school terminology right there). This activity prompted my friend’s son request. He wants to physically see her so he can touch and agree through pray. I was amazed at this boldness from a seven year old.

Then I asked myself as I adult do I have this type of boldness in my prayer and in my faith. Would I be comfortable with asking someone could I pray for them? Would I internationally seek a person out that God has placed on my heart? I can only imagine how the world could truly be if we are bold in our faith and prayer.

Happy Saturday!


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