Funkadelic Friday: “The Great Adventure!?”



One fine day, I was walking along the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert when I saw the strangest site.  There was an unusual looking animal walking along in from of me.  It was difficult at first to make out exactly what king of creature it was.  It would seem that the closer I got to the creature, the easier it would be to make out what it was.  This was NOT the case.  The closer I got, the more difficult it became.  One thing that did strike me odd when I was standing directly in of this mystery, it seemed a lot larger from far away.  Standing this close, it appeared bare 3 feet in height, but it was fat.

“Greetings and Salutations odd creature waking on two legs.”


“Who are you calling ‘odd’ Creature?”

I asked with much irritation in my voice.

The creature looked like an armadillo but not.  It had a shell that looked like that of an armadillo, but it had a tail of a dog, four legs like a rabbit, and ears like a cat.

“I have seen nothing but sand for miles since I began my journey.  I am heading to my resting grounds on the other side of this desert.  It has been rather lonely walking our here and normally that does not bother me but it pleases me greatly to see something other than sand.  Where are you going?”

I am hallucinating!  IT MUST BE THE HEAT.  A mutant creature is talking to me in the middle of the Sahara Desert. 

As I was planning my trip, I was told by several people that a person could see some VERY STRANGE THINGS in the desert.  I figured they meant things that seemed to be there but disappeared.  Friends, family, pets, other animals.  No one EVER mentioned anything this outrageous.

“I am on a walk-about to see new and exciting things.   NEVER have I seen anything like you before but I am wondering if you are real or are you the result of  heat meddling with my mind.”

“I AM real.  My name is Gnomegagalus of the armored clan. What are you and what are you called”

Right now I would call myself CRAZY!

“My name is Nyimah.  Why do you look so . . . I mean, why do you have . . umm.  WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU?”

“What kind of insulting question is that?  I know what I am and that is all that matters to me.”

Great!  I don’t know what this thing is or what it can do and I have insulted it.

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to offend.  It’s just, I have never seen a creature like you before.  Parts of you I recognize from other creatures but . . . well . . ”

“No matter.  My resting grounds are where I am heading.  You are welcome to accompany me if you wish since you have no set destination and are seeking adventure.”

Well, what he . . she . . it said is true so I might as well see how this plays out. 

“Thank you.  I shall.”

We set out for the resting grounds and ADVENTURE.







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