Therapeutic Tuesday: Poetry Cafe

I wish I could be a professional basketball player,

Tall and skilled, running like a gazelle,

Leaping, up..up..up..

and then “BOOM”

Dunking the ball over some unsuspecting defender.

Cashing my fat paycheck, and not worrying about anything.

I wish I could be a famous author.

With books upon books on shelves upon shelves

so that I could go into Barnes and Nobles,

And bask in the presence of my words, among the words of other


Watching people pick up book after book,

Reading page after page,

With my face on the back cover,

and my signature on the front.

“To Tom, Stay Trill, from JB”

I wish I could be a speaker,

Traveling from town to town,

City to City, and Hamlet to Hamlet,

Encouraging people. Crowds,

hanging on my every word..

“You can DO it! Repeat after me!!”

Chants of affirmation filling the auditorium,

People feeling free to be who God made them…

Sometimes I wish, I could be others,

Because being me is the hardest thing

I’ve ever decided to do.

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