Speak Saturdays: Being the New Girl

Well it has been officially three weeks down at the new job. And I honestly can say I am struggling a little bit at being the new girl. I am a very independent worker. I’ve learned that at any job, I like to get into things and figure processes out on my own. I am a very hands-on learner. Just tell me where the undo button is at and I will surely figure out the rest. I understand I must learn the lingo of my new job but my patience is starting to run a little thin. I am sure the speed that I have gotten accustom to will come SOON!

What advice would you give the new girl at your job? How would you go about making her feel welcome? How would you tell her to navigate the system?

Happy Saturday!


One thought on “Speak Saturdays: Being the New Girl

  1. 1. Always show up to team meetings at least five minutes early. It gives you a brief chance to check in with folks. Ask and let them talk about their kids or recent trip/vacation “small talk”.
    2. Be cautious of the person who tries to tell you all the gossip about people in the office.
    3. Define early on where you need to draw the line between work life and your personal life.
    4. Put in your hours but leave work at work so that you have the time and energy to live your life.
    5. Ask for help. The first three months especially is the time to ask lots of questions rather than trying to figure it all out on your own. Take a notepad with you when you sit down with someone to learn a new procedure so that you have a journal to review later.
    6. Make time to do a couple of the office “socials” each year. Shoot for one per quarter so that you don’t get labeled as anti-social or a poor team member.
    7. Observe and get to know your people so that you can identify the most effective communication strategies for your co-workers. Some may do better with a phone call than email. Others may need a printed memo in their mailbox or a text message.


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