What’s Happening Wednesday: The Rewrite

Earlier this week, I decided to revisit my journal from 2018. I suppose the goal was to see how much I had progressed since then. I was utterly disappointed, until I came across an entry from mid-February.

This entry caught my eye, mainly because it was illegible. My handwriting wasn’t any messier than it usually is, but the entry was written in neon green ink. I don’t usually write in colors other than blue, black, or purple. But apparently I must have gotten a new pack of pens, and was trying them out. Anyway, I struggled to read this thing that was written by my own hand. I had to twist and turn and hold the book up to the light. Finally, I grabbed a black pen and retraced every word. It was awkward, uncomfortable, maybe even painful.

That’s what retracing your steps feels like at times. No matter how careful you are to step into your own footprints, the steps just don’t seem to line up exactly as they did the first time. That’s how I felt as I clumsily traced my own handwriting. The words and the sentiment were definitely mine. In many regards I feel the same today as I did then. But, if given the chance to write that entry again now, I would say it differently. I would be more articulate. I would have used blue or black ink.

I’m going to call that growth. Doing the same things, saying the same things, thinking the same things as you did last year, ought to be awkward, uncomfortable, even painful.

I am growing. I cannot see it. I don’t always feel like it, but as I retrace my steps, I see that my footprints no longer fit where they used to, and that makes feel a little better about where I stand.

Mama Radford

One thought on “What’s Happening Wednesday: The Rewrite

  1. Amen for growth. I’ve been reading back over some of my past writing and found it to be a very useful exercise. It’s like going back in time and seeing the person I was at a fixed moment. When the writing was strong, it took me back to the feelings I had in that moment. When the writing was rushed, I could tell that as well. One thing about blogging is that it gives you the opportunity to review and in some ways, rewrite as you did whether with an actual pen or our eyes.


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