What’s Happening Wednesday: Culture Shift

Last night, I joined my oldest child on a field trip to see “The Sound of Music”. On it’s face, this Rogers and Hammerstein collaboration is a love story. (Every story is a love story, but that’s a whole different musical.) But just under the surface, the musical
is a critique on the cultural shifts of society.

I found two things very difficult about the production. First, it’s incredibly hard not to sing along. We all know the songs. I suffered through by just mouthing the words. I had to shush my kiddo because she was singing along to “My Favorite Things”. The other thing was even a bit tougher. It’s one thing to see the Nazism in the movie. It’s a completely different thing to watch the Nazi flags cascade from the ceiling in a dark theater. To see that beautiful set covered up by the bright red flags was jarring, at least.

As I watched the captain try to navigate through a landscape where his friends and acquaintances softened to Nazism, I thought about how quickly things like this happen. I thought about how quickly our highest ideals are compromised. I thought about how difficult it can be to maintain one’s ideals as the world changes around you. I thought about politics here in the United States.

In the end, the singing Von Trapp family had to run for the hills, leaving all they had behind them. It was hard to watch this played out on stage. It’s even harder to watch it in real life, in real time. Our culture is shifting. I pray that your character is not. As I aim to live both lovingly and unapologetically, it is my hope to do so without compromising who I am, or what I am willing to fight for. I pray the same for you.

Lovingly and Unapologetically,
Mama Radford

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