Therapeutic Tuesday: That Feeling of Completion

I’m a starter. I start things. I whisper ideas to people in private. Follow through is not my strength. Completion is not either. Both are things that I have been avidly working on, because that satisfied feeling of completion is something that I have sought after. I want to finish something. Complete it. Then I want to look back and reflect on the process so that it can fuel me toward other avenues.

A friend of mine told me once that not being a finisher was not necessarily a character flaw, that I should embrace the fact that I like to start things, because not everyone can do that. He also told me that people would always come around me to help me finish, or run with the torch. I accept that, but I also recognize the capacity of people to add to skill sets, and so completing tasks has been on my private list for some time.

So, today I celebrate finishing. Completion. I have a Podcast, y’all! I’ve been on this journey for a couple of years, actually. It took me awhile to believe that I had something to say that people might want to hear. Then it took me awhile to push myself to start learning about the processes. I love listening to pods, but doubting my ability to produce a quality one of my own. Now that my first episode has been published though, I’m thinking about what I need for the next one, and how to get better. I think that I might be hooked! So, here is the finished product. Take a listen. Leave a comment. Rate it. Share it! I need you, folks! I’ve finished this. Now help me continue it!

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