Speak Saturdays: Your Listening Ear

I was scrolling across social media and came across one of The Daily Goalcast videos. I love watching these short clips because they offer so much inspiration.

In the clip below the speaker talks about being uniquely yourself when the world is telling you are a failure for not reaching certain goals by a certain age. The speaker also talks about noises you shouldn’t allow in your life. This has been one of my biggest lessons of 2018. Everyone can’t speak positivity into your life. While I genuiually believe people mean well when they offer their opinions, sometimes what is said can place you in a bad head space and you begin over thinking a decision you have made. It is so important to discern the right voice and more importantly to ensure that you are hearing God voice as you navigate this thing called life.

Please take a moment to watch Jay Shetty. I’m sure it will bless you.

Happy Saturday!


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