Funkadelic Friday:That’s What Makes The World Go ‘Round.

broken world
People Make the World Go Round
Trash men didn’t get my trash today
Oh, why
Because they want more pay
Buses on strike want a raise in fare
So they can help pollute the air
But that’s what makes the world go ’round
The ups and downs, a carousel
Changing people, sense around
Go underground, young man
People make the world go ’round.
Wall Street losing dough on every share
They’re blaming it on longer hair
Big men smoking in their easy chairs
On a fat cigar without a care
But that’s what makes the world go ’round
The ups and downs, a carousel
Changing people, sense around
Go underground, young man
People make the world go ’round.
It seems that there has been turmoil in this world my entire life.  Born in 1966, the Vietnam War was in full swing.  Wars abroad and at home, be it economic or racial, turmoil has always been a part of the landscape of my life.  I remember the economic struggles of the 70’s and here we are again.  Shucks, most regular folks have always lived paycheck to paycheck but this period in time is different.  This is a war on the American people and the imposing of this hardship are the very officials the citizens of this country elected to handle their concerns.
This song by the Stylistics immediately came to mind in light of what we are facing.  EVERYONE is suffering from the choices of a few but people must realize by now that NO GOOD COMES OUT OF HATE and FEAR MONGERING.  These are the tactics that #45 used to get into office.  He was able to stoke the smoldering flame of racial hatred (that already existed) to gain the highest seat in office.  Fear of people who look different and speak a different language, coming to this country by any means necessary to have a chance at a better life.  Isn’t that what this country was suppose to be about?  Oops.  Not really because this country was founded on hatred and fear mongering toward the PEOPLE WHO ALREADY LIVED HERE.  Just like in many alien movies, man kills what is different instead of trying to coexists or live/work together to attain unity.
Families are already struggling which is fraying the fragile cord that is holding them together.  Hungry children.  Bills going unpaid.  Eviction.  “I can relate.”  I don’t think that Trump can relate to being in want or in need.  Now his “base” on the other hand are struggling as well but their hatred is so great, they would rather see this country fail before they show compassion for anyone who does not look like them.  We should also remember, some folks did not choose to come to this country, but WE HERE NOW!!!
What’s my point?  PEOPLE MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND!  People go to work to provide for themselves and/or their families.  Teachers are on strike.  TSA are calling in sick due to no pay for the work they do.  Federal Parks are becoming littered with garbage.  All these things affect the COMMON MAN.  Trump and most of  the elected officials, Democrats and Republicans,  can take a flight, train, cruise, drive to another place and not be affected by all of this.  My hope is that the freshman officials will stand firm for the PEOPLE that elected them to office.  My hope is that they will not get in Washington and drink the “Kool-aide” then forget who put them in office and why they were put in office.  That’s where we come in. We, the stakeholders in this country, must call, and email these officials and remind them that PEOPLE MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND.

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