Speak Saturdays: Reflecting Moments

Awww…it is the first Saturday of 2019. Seems like the year is starting off with a bang and very fast paced. As I write this blog I think on all the things that happened to me in 2018. One major change for me is I will be starting a new job on Monday! Yikes. I can remember a time when a major change like this would cause me so much anxiety. Amen for growth. Now me and change still have our moments but we are learning to get along.

With that being said…have you taken on a moment to reflect on 2018? I’ve been reflecting on faithfulness. Being faithful to God yields a magnitude of blessings, some that we ask for and some that we had no idea we would receive. Having consistency with HIM ensures our faithfulness stays in tact. What are you thanking God for in 2018? How was he faithful to you? What are you believing HIM for in 2019? How will you continue to show yourself faithful to HIM?

Take some time today to reflect.

Happy Saturday!!


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