Funkadelic Friday Extra: DREAMS (desires) ARE PERSONAL


sleepingbrownmouse-5_5-inI believe that EVERYONE has a dream.  How big or how small a dream is, I feel, is purely subjective.  Someone may desire a house no bigger than 250 square feet to live in and once obtained, EUREKA!  Someone else may desire a house that is 250, 000 square feet to live in and once obtained, EUREKA!  My point is , dreams are personal.   No one has a scale that dictates the legitimacy of ones’ dreams.

After talking with my son one evening, my mind was racing as it recapped ALL the different topics we covered.  The common thread of the conversations was the various dreams that he has.  When he was very young, one of the things that I REFUSED to allow anyone to do was to kill his dreams.  This included his teachers.  I will expound on that in another FF Extra.  Dreams are the life blood of those that hope and seek out better.  For me, many dreams have had to be deferred but I will NEVER stop trying to fulfill them.

Keep on Dreaming until your last breath!


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