Therapeutic Tuesday: Fatherhood and Fortnite

As I was sitting here thinking about what to blog for today, my son’s asked me to play a game of Fortnite with them. You know, Fortnite?

The game that millions of children play everyday?

The game with the guns and buildings?

The game that has them doing all of these ridiculous (and stolen) dance moves like the “Schoop” and “Orange Justice”?

Yes. Now you know what I mean.

Now, let’s be honest, I can’t stand the game, but that is partially because I’m just no good at it. I absolutely suck at it. My 10 year old son runs many, MANY circles around me on it. And that’s the reason why I would never play with him when he would ask. My pride wouldn’t let me be horrible in front of my son.

Over the course of this break, though, I changed courses. I decided to play with him and my youngest son, even though I know that my time on the game will be spent being made fun of because I’m getting sniped from 100 yards away by a laughing dancing maniac (my son). And you know what? I have the time of my life, because I’m spending time with him on his terms.

Sometimes as parents, we have the tendency to want to set the parameters for time spent with our children. If it doesn’t align with our interests, we don’t want to do it. If it makes us look foolish, no thanks. But good parenting is about the children. We meet them on their terms and have fun learning more about them. even if we get sniped from 100 yards away.

So this year, resolve to do the foolish, fun things. Let our kids make fun of the many ways in which they get us. And if they happen to ask you?

Even play Fortnite.

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