Speak Saturdays: My 2019 Resolutions 

Today is the last Saturday in 2018. Many are enjoying the last few days of their vacations. Others, like me, are preparing ourselves to go to work.

As I was having my morning meditation I realized that I haven’t written down any resolutions for 2019. As I was about to start writing things out I asked myself why do I feel need to do this. What is it about a new year that causes us to perform this task? We should strive daily to achieve new goals. To stretch ourselves to be a very better version of our self. To add value to the kingdom. To increase our personal stock.

So what will be my 2019 resolutions? I do not have a list per se. But my goal is to continue to evolve the person that is Neikeita regardless of the impending year. I will continue to push her as I did in 2018 and the years before that. I will continue to self check all throughout the year. I will strive to be intentional with creating the best version of me.

Happy Last Saturday of 2018!


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