What’s Happening Wednesday: Year -End Review

There are only a few days left in 2018. I’d love to tell you 2018 was my best year yet. I’d love to tell you that I not only met, but that I surpassed all of my goals for the year. But I cannot say either of those things.

There is a lot that I have left undone, and some of the things I did do, were done badly. But despite my many failures this year, I’m still going to call the year successful.

Why? Because I can. Maybe I didn’t complete any of the five books I started writing, but I read some new books, and learned a lot about what I want my finished products to look like. Counting that as a success.

Maybe I didn’t hit my goal weight, but I actually joined a gym for the first time in my life… and on at least a weekly basis, I actually go and try to make the most of my time there. Success.

Maybe I did not hit my savings goal, but there are still at least a few dollars in my account. Millionaire status is a long way off, but I’ve got a system in place. So this time next year, I’ll Be closer to that status than I am now.

Too many of us look back on the year and remember what went wrong. We count our failures, but not the things we’ve learned as a result of our missteps. We look at numbers on a scale or in our accounts, instead of the systems we have in place.

As you review the last twelve months, choose not to think about the times you’ve fallen, but instead, think about the people who helped you when you were down. Think about what you learned while you were there. And thank goodness you were able to get back up.

If you’re still down, realize that you’re not out and that success is still within your reach. The year is not over. There are a few days left. Let’s make the best of them.

Happy Kwanzaa.
Mama Radford

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