Funkadelic Friday: You’re FIRED!

real pink slip

In this season of giving there are some things folks would simply prefer NOT to receive.  A PINK slip is one of those things that would not be on the list of requests from Santa.  Unfortunately, the reality is . . . some people are being ‘let got’ from their positions and at the WORST time of the year.  On the local and national levels, people who have dedicated their lives are being faced with squeezing an already strangled budget, even tighter.

What is one to do?  First, take inventory of all household expenses.  Second, prioritize your list from ‘immediately pay’ to ‘have a few weeks.’  Third, contact the folks that you owe and try to establish a payment arrangement.  Some places will allow you to miss one payment.  Use that option as a LAST resort.  Fourth, which should occur as soon as the First takes place, look for another job.  I am certain that there are many other things that could be and should be listed but I will end with this.  DON’T PANIC.



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