Nancy Wilson

“I have always just sung. I have never questioned what it is. I thank God for it and I just do it,”

” she loves a song with a good story and good lyrics. A song that has a beginning, middle and an end.”

“Wilson, who retired from touring in 2011, died after a long illness at her home in Pioneertown, a California desert community near Joshua Tree National Park, her manager and publicist Devra Hall Levy told The Associated Press late Thursday night. She was 81.”

One of my FAVORITE singers has passed and I chose to bump what I originally planned to post.  Her talent surpasses words.  Her range,  simply immeasurable.  Her stage presence, captivating.  Her wit, sharp as a knife.  Her voice. . . her voice . . . THAT VOICE!!!!  Indescribable!!!!!

Enjoy the heavenly life Nancy.  It will be difficult for them to figure out what section of the heavenly choir to put you in.



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